Solitary Soul

“Porque para siempre es a traves  del tiempo,

y el corazón se debilita,

y el alma crece solitaria.”

I fought this statement.

I am not capable of destroying the vibrations of my heart!

But then..

It has occurred to me that this message was correct.

With the passage of time, my heart has grown

weaker, and my soul has grown lonelier…

I realized… He is the one to forget.

Desired soul mate

Belief he would neglect

To share my soul in Life dance

Belief he would reject.

Not believing my worth.

Took shortcuts.

As if… was remiss

In my search

Shortcuts purposeful

“wooden peg, can whittle you in.”


Truthfully He forgot.

searched not.

I also search no more.

Weaker hearted, lonely soul strong

So vision of dancing partnered soul

Braided  loving and blessing life

Exclusive use of energy wrong

Dance  Sola

Pinpoint light.

Bless this world,

Full use Life.

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Long journey July, major strides taken.

Started with distant love of a Poet

How much he has taught.

Now it is a love affair of the soul.

No direct sight

No physical touch

Prayer this morning:

whisper blessing to Poet became

May you be DRENCHED today in blessings


Drenching turned back at me


It is a love affair of the soul

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