I fell in love with the Poet.  I keep my distance.  I study his writings.  And with each poem I fall deeper and deeper in love.

I have no idea what he looks like, what he does for food/shelter/clothing, and whether he is just a mean curmudgeon in daily life.  I have no idea whether he has left a string of broken hearts, or if he is a man deeply committed in his core to one woman.

But I am amazed at his writing.  It is unfathomable that words so graphic and heart rending in one poem, can be captivating and enlightening in the next…all structured in a fashion that exposes the cleverness and fragility of his heart.  With each of his poems, I fall further in love with him.

So in my minds eye, he is a thoughtful, quiet, clever soul.

Is that Odd for me?  Not really.  I am a wordsmith by trade.  I intently listen to the choice of words, the structure of phrases, the rhythm of communication.  Words reflect the raw sacred material of  life.  He is an expert in his craft.  His phrases strike chords deep within me.  I am in love with the unknowable Poet.

Yes, but isn’t that … Odd?  OK yes it is odd… I have fallen in love with the unknowable Poet. It is his distance and unavailability that enhances this love.  For it seems, I am much better at loving from a distance as the unknown lover.

But..are you looking directly at the…Oddity?  Ahhh…..I understand….I am not that distanced.  The poet is pointing, and I am falling in love…. with  Source within …. me.

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