I read that each one of our senses is calibrated.  Interesting concept.  I am not a biologist… but I understand music.  Each note carries its own vibration.  If each of our senses is calibrated, then those energy waves I can discern from touch are different from the energy waves I can discern by sound.  And so it goes with each one of my senses.

I listened to Ken McLeod’s teaching on the Mahamudra.  If I understand him correctly, I can “mesh” these senses, add in awareness of thought, open my heart….. and I am present…to my life…Now.  I tried this.

I believe “faith” is how you act… Now.  I believe that spirituality cannot be an exclusively intellectual pursuit.  Who I am spiritually, whatever “ism” I identify with, must be of a nature where I place my bare feet, on my ground, in my life and actually walk in the faith of my “ism”…Now.

So I walk (barefooted so to speak) through my day… I come into contact with so many others… where I can reach out with all of my senses and discern their vibrational energy.  I try to perceive in the Now (rather than fixing this moment in my head)… and … best I can say is I am experiencing a learning curve (akin to being in school and learning how to read; or trying to order dinner in a country where I don’t know the language)

I know I have the benefit of guides, translators, mentors coming into my life, usually at just the critical moment I need them.

But I have this question:  why is it more comfortable for me to post these thoughts on a blog page… than to have this type of discussion with the Person sitting across the table from me?  Why do I think this way?  Is it spiritual practice to blog, to place these thoughts in an electronic format and hope for guidance?  Or is this just another method for me to … avoid…my life?


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