Buber and Blogging

I appreciate Buddhism because here I discovered tools that allow me to “wrap my mind” around conversations with my favorite authors. (A book well read is a conversation). I am studying “Ich un Du”, Martin Buber. My analysis of Buber:

There is no “I” as such. There is always a type of experience: one with borders, one with relating. So first off, right off the bat, the separate identify is gone. When you say “you” the I is already included. When you say “It”, the I is already included. There is no separate identify.

Language does not set up the realm of experience for man. Sometimes we fall into the illusion that language describes accurately our reality. For example: We think that we (subject) -are acting (verb) – on an object. (I touch you.) And that is how reality is. Nope. Language is not the realm of experience. It is a tool…Only a tool.

So take a step back. What is the realm of man? Now this is where Buddhism has been a wonderful tool for me. It is through Buddhist guidance I have learned how to approach this study.

Buber says that either you step into the concept of “I and You” or into the concept of “I and It”. Now I know I don’t like dualism… the idea that there are only 2 opposite answers in the world for a question. But hey… let me use this dualistic paradigm for the moment. According to Kaufman’s introduction to Buber, we can assume a multitude of experiences under each basic concept.

AND do not assume that one is better than the other…don’t make this judgment. All I am working with right now is that there are two basic ways of describing man’s realm.

I am probably more conversant in the “I and It” realm. Remember this is my experience with reality where I experience borders:

“I perceive something

I feel something.

I imagine something

I want something

I sense something

I think something” (Kaufmans translation Buber, pg 54)

In my realm of (I + It), I am experiencing borders. There is my experience of borders with an “It” … whatever that “it” may be. (This includes how I perceive how well Fred keeps his garbage out of my yard.)

When I am in the realm of “I and you”, I do no not experience borders…I can’t touch or encapsulate something with a border. I am in “relating”. In a blogs here, I read about relating or “meshing” of two separate worlds in relationships.

Ahhh….so maybe this solves my concern about blogging. When I am blogging, I am experiencing the “I and It” realm. (I think something)

It is in my “non-electronic, gadget free three dimensional life” that I have the opportunity for relating.

OR am I attempting to relate when…. I ask you what you think?

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