“All Actual Life is Encounter” Martin Buber

Blogs are unusual forum.  I suppose the concept is that there is conversation.  But can you have conversation without the usual cues, the ability to hear the tone of the words, the ability to see if you understand the communication, if the other understands you?

Written communication is not foreign  We are used to books, letters, emails.  Each involves exchange…. conversation.  As for books, a well read book is read as a conversation… but is there a chance for reply?  Letters…. time and space to read, think and then reply.  Emails… dangerous aren’t they…now EMOTION is captured in caps, and perhaps, before thinking, the response sent with broadcast copies to all.  In each of these methods…you know your author, you understand in advance the background cues, you have a potential of communicating.

But Blogs… very unusual.  There is not only the opportunity for conversation…but the opportunity to change the rules of engagement for conversation.   For example, how do you know that the author knows the subject content sufficiently to engage in conversation?  How do you understand the tenor of the conversation:  sarcastic v. introspective?  Blogging is anonymous.  Do you really know or have an understanding of who is the author?

All Actual Life is Encounter.  Is Blogging Actual Life?


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